NZX Opening Bell

The Leadership Exchange - Leading for the future in dairy

October 13, 2021 Season 3 Episode 1
NZX Opening Bell
The Leadership Exchange - Leading for the future in dairy
Show Notes

This is the first episode in our 'The Leadership Exchange' series.  Given the focus is leadership in dairy we have combined it with our 'Open Interest' series.   

In this episode Stu Davison and Alex Winning give us the low down on GDT resultsgrass covers in New Zealand and the likely milk production trend over the next few months. 

This then leads on to Julia Jones talking with the extremely talented yet very humble Maury Leyland-Penno about the leadership needed to ensure a positive future for NZ's dairy sector.  
Maury has been a consultant, an executive, she is currently a director on multiple boards and a start-up founder.  She talks us through the nuance of leading in different roles and how she has navigated the ups and downs.   

Maury founded Leaft  a new alternative protein innovation with her husband John in 2016, we talk through what they have achieved and their vision for the future.  

Maury's Bio

Maury is a founder and director of Leaft Foods, she chairs Trust Codes and is on the board of Genesis Energy.  She is also chair of The Education Hub, a non-profit organisation focused on bridging the gap between research and practice in school level education. She is a Te Hono alumni and sits on the steering committee.

Maury has previously been a director of Spark New Zealand and Transpower New Zealand and was on the Lincoln University Transformation Board. Maury was a senior executive at Fonterra from 2005, stepping down as managing director people, culture and strategy in 2016. 

Prior to Fonterra, Maury worked as a strategy consultant for The Boston Consulting Group, working with large companies in New Zealand and Australia. Maury was a member of the design team for Team New Zealand during the successful 1995 America's Cup campaign in San Diego. 

 She holds BE (Hons) in Engineering Science from University of Auckland, is a Fellow of the Engineering New Zealand and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand.